I'm fighting for a Cincinnati that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.


Growing up in Kennedy Heights, Pleasant Ridge and along Queen City Avenue in Westwood, I was proudly raised by my single mother—a Xavier University graduate who has worked for 26 years as a Hamilton County social worker, yet continues to be a lifelong renter. It was my mother who first acquainted me with our city bus system, as she commuted to and from her Xavier classes with me as an infant in her arms. I've been a regular public transit user ever since.

At age 7, I was accepted into the original
School for the Creative & Performing Arts. I graduated from SCPA in 2006 with a focus on jazz piano and music composition. I then developed an interest in screenwriting, which eventually led to being ranked as one of CityBeat Magazine's Top Local Filmmakers for three consecutive years since 2019.


Photo by Tay Hues


During that time, I've paid the rent working as a service industry professional for a variety of local restaurants including Queen City Pizza, the late Teller's of Hyde Park, the original nada and Senate (OTR)—all culminating in me helping open The Lonely Pine Steakhouse from Gorilla Cinema in 2019.
This working-class experience is the heart of my City Council campaign. I'm not a careerist politician, I'm a worker who knows the struggle and knows that things need to change. Our city's budget, which is funded primarily by our tax dollars, should be invested in those of us who actually work and live in Cincinnati. We've worked so hard in this city for so long; it's time that our city also worked for us